Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Cabbages and quilts

We paid £1.49 for ten cabbage plants about 6 weeks ago and have them in the poly-tunnel. Just as well as it has been so cold they would not have grown so well outside.
Not much heart, but will treat as a spring green and make a start on the row. Otherwise we will be over run with greens by the end of May.

I have just finished a narrow quilt to go on the Z-bed/put you up.  I used a metre of fabric that was on sale at £3 p.metre and brought some cotton wadding.  I liked the design as it was easy to quilt into squares. I found some old faux- velvet in dark blue to make a backing and some spare green for the edges.  We have some spare single sheets and a blanket - so next time the extra single bed is needed for an adult or older grandchild I will not have to ask them to bring their own bedding.  I was embarrassed to ask them last time - the family always seem to have so much stuff to bring each time they visit.


  1. Oh Trish...that fabric you used for your quilt is just gorgeous-x-

  2. Love your quilt, you have made a nice design.Don't like the cabbage.

  3. I am surprised how many people have said its been cold, its been so hot here, love your quilt


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