Monday, 8 May 2017

Junk art

Been experimenting with bits and pieces this week to try my hand at some new materials.
Some pebbles from the beach (collected with grand daughters) form the flower, leaves cut from old drinks cans, bits of string off from the "just in case" box, wood panel and additional square offcuts from husbands workshop floor. The nails were an idea we saw at a craft outlet recently - they are extracted from old pallets and we usually gather them up and put in metal bin at the recycling centre. But now we have seen old nails used as a foreground "foil" in craft pictures we may keep them! The panel and bits of wood at the bottom were plywood painted with ordinary emulsion which seems to cover quite well and is no bother to rinse the brushes.

My next project with the scraps of plywood is to make a "threading" game for the smaller grandchildren who may come here in the summer holiday. In the just in case box is a nice long strong shoelace (just the one - no idea why its not a pair). I will paint the caterpillar with acrylics and then varnish to seal the surface and avoid any splinters.

Its been 10C here all day, with a nasty cold wind, so hiding in my log cabin has been an enjoyable way to spend the day. I did do some spring cleaning first; so I don't feel too guilty.

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  1. The flower picture is lovely and the grandchildren will have some fun with the threading game-x-


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