Friday, 9 June 2017

Where have I been?

No where much. Some days it has been so hot we have melted and then we have had terrible storms and the winds were relentless for 48 hours. Crops like sweetcorn ended up at 45 Degrees and delphinium spikes ended up in a vase!

We visited Wells next the sea where the dry sand was picked up by the wind and blown across the surface of the beach and smarted a lot when it hit your ankles!  Especially mine, as paddling was necessary, the bare wet skin hurt!

We have been entertaining my husband's elder sister (Aged 84) for a week.  They spent a lot of time reminiscing about their Kent childhood, although due to age difference they only lived together for 3 years)  and looking at old street photos of the (long gone) town centre of Ashford.  The family have been talking about tracing their ancestors for ages and not got far. As we were indoors for the whole of one day I leapt on my laptop and traced their father's family name back to the 1800s for them.  I am  now obsessed and it not even my blood family. What happened to the Elsie's born in the 1830s? How are we related to that bloke who became a governor of New Zealand and filthy rich?

There was an art trail round Castle Acre near Swafham this weekend so we enjoyed a walk round the village even paying to go into the English Heritage Priory.
We did a circular walk via the pub for lunch and were able to go into some lovely gardens and art studios to see some super work.
Couple of village garden trails coming up which I am putting in my diary.

Now, I have to go and deal with that 3lbs of strawberries and find the jam making kit.


  1. I think I will have to do the same with my delphiniums they took a battering. Love the look of the walk.

  2. Are they your strawberries from the garden? Mine are just coming good, the rain has really helped.

  3. Love the delphiniums. The colour is gorgeous!!!

    God bless.

  4. I think we do become more interested in our past and our ancestors as we get older. I wish so much that I had questioned my parents more about their time spent in Japan/Korea in the early 1950s before I was born.Unfortunately my interest came about after they were no longer here to ask.


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