Sunday, 18 June 2017

Blight and birds

Been plodding up and down the fruit and veg garden all the last week collecting the rapidly ripening soft fruit (I will blog about what I am doing with it all another time!) but on this occasion I glanced at the lovely rows of potatoes and noticed a couple of breaks. Instead of fresh green leaves and purple flowers there was a gap. Went wading up the rows and found BLIGHT.

YUK. We donned surgical gloves and took a plastic bag and have cut out the affected plants down to the soil. Carefully removing the black slimy stems and wilting foliage to be burnt. In the past I am sure Gardeners World have said cut off the tops and harvest normally. I do hope this works!

While we in the potato rows our attention was drawn to the nearby fence. The swallows had lined up their 5 fledglings and were gamely showing the babies how to do aerobatic flight over our neighbours beautifully mowed grass. Landing occasionally alongside to feed the fledglings caused a lot of tweeting. 
They all ignored us. 

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  1. We have so many things that can effect our harvest. I have nitrogen deficiency at the moment which I'm hoping the new feed will rectify.


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