Thursday, 13 July 2017

Sun Hats

A request from my grandson for a bigger sun hat sent me back to my sewing cabin to make a bigger hat for him.  Two sizes made just in case; using material from my stash and a free pattern from the internet.
This is a very simple bucket hat pattern and takes an hour or so to make and uses about half a metre of cotton fabric. If you have small children do try this one (its on Ollie/Oliver and Co, a blog, I think).   The pattern goes up to 9 year olds - I have expanded it by half an inch all the way round and made myself a sun hat too!  I used a more upholstery style fabric and did not line the crown or sides this time.
My last attempt at a sun hat for me was not a great success but this one seems a little better as it sits lower on my head.  I am not a hat person normally but we were out boating the other day on the River Ouse and I had to borrow my husband's spare one.  So hot and burning!


  1. What lovely little hats. It's not always easy to find cute ones for boys so making your own opens it up to whatever fabric you want xx

  2. Great hats Trish, Ive taken to wearing hats too now.


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