Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Saving my winter waterproof coat

We are planning an autumn trip to Scotland which prompted me to suggest to the better half that I might need a new coat.  I brought current one in a sale in GO about 5 years ago for £20; it was cheap mostly because its bright red and partly it was mislabeled size 20.  Its actually barely a size 16. The red is only a disadvantage when hiking if you need to pop behind a bush!

My only worry is the coat is grubby on the sleeves and I am not sure its totally waterproof on the seams.  We stopped in a a well known outdoor store the other day to do a recce and I found a good quality one. Then hurriedly let go, and told my husband to step well back - "don't touch" I hissed looking round for any shop assistants.  "Why?"  "Its £199.95!!"  "Well, your not having that one.  This one is £80 but I think you old one is better quality." he replied.  "I'm just not sure its as waterproof as it was" I was explaining when a nearby customer suggested re-proofing like her friend did. She was called over the friend and gave us some hints about doing it.

We brought some half price waterproofing on the way out. Next sunny period in the weather I will have a go.  It was £7.  So could be a lot cheaper that a new coat.

Has anyone tried to do this?


  1. No, haven't done it but look forward to seeing your results as I need to do mine. Not that I'm a coward - but!!!

  2. I'm off to Scotland too in a few weeks time.

  3. We've done it with a few coats - a spray over the outside of the coat and we've also used a seam sealer (think we used up the one we had for our tent!) on some 'dodgy' looking seams. Definitely one to do in a well ventilated place - we do them in the garage with the front open and then leave the coat in there to dry and air for a few days if we can.

  4. I live in Scotland and reproof our waterproofs every year. I wash in soap rinse then dip in reproofing mix then hang out to drip dry. So must be done on a nice day. It works very well

    1. Haven't heard of reproofing dip. Do you have a brand name?

  5. i reproof my jackets regularly usng a waterproof spray I get when aldis have it. I hang them on a hanger on the line and stuff the arms with old towels inside carrier bags. Then I spray the stuff on and then leave to dry outside for as long as possible because it's smelly stuff. It's a large tin that usually does 2 coats.

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