Wednesday, 20 September 2017


My husband seems to have adopted a baby hare.  Or it has adopted him!

It pops out of the raspberry bed, or the beetroot row or from behind a fence post just a few feet in front of his ride on mower.  After several  near misses/near heart attacks he has taken to walking around making a noise before starting out to mow the field areas.

Not too much damage being done. He chased it out of the poly tunnel one afternoon where it was hiding in the strawberries and snacking on lettuce. He has recorded  midnight snacking on the pea row on his wildlife camera - no wonder our pea crop has been hopeless.  When husband has got it to move it bolts for our neighbours cabbage patch.

To remind him to check the field first I have painted him a hare picture for the conservatory.

Grandson thinks its hilarious. His favourite videos and books are about Peter Rabbit sneaking around Mr McGregor's garden.

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