Monday, 9 October 2017

Autumn King carrots

An old fashioned variety but it has given as some very good late crops.  Two rows still doing well in the veg garden at the moment.

Nice long straight carrots!

So its been carrot soup, carrot cake, steamed carrots with every evening meal, grated carrots with salad.etc etc.

These will last till Xmas.  I recommend this variety.

Meanwhile I will sow some faster growing varieties in the poly tunnel for early spring.


  1. ive just been looking for a few stray carrots for stew , and hidden among the weeds was a little patch of parisian market , little ping pong ball sized ones , gorgeous things and about the only carrot we can grow , if the weather is dry you cant get anything out of the ground here

  2. I love carrots, so I will be round tomorrow.

  3. They look fine specimens. Carrots are so versatile.


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