Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Housemaid's knee

My damaged knee has gone down but is sore to kneel on.  Amazing what you need a right knee for. 

The weather is up and down. Monday it rained all day till just as the sun set. So I painted the kitchen wall to cover the new plaster.  All the low parts done by leaning sideways rather than kneeling. We were contemplating a colour emulsion but now like the brightness so much we may stay white. Least it will be cheap to re paint.  Still waiting for the sink unit to go in.

Tuesday it was sunny and reasonably warm so we tackled the grass. Nice to be out side.  Any work with shears is definitely off the agenda for a while.  Husband was on his ride on mower and I used his new lawn mower.  Its got an automatic starter and a big box and is very easy to use. Did not quite get in all done 75%.

Wednesday it rained until 2.33 pm exactly and then the sun shone brilliantly.  I had to collect the prescriptions from the health centre round the corner and decided to walk down taking a plastic bag and some work gloves with me. So fed up with litter in the village I have decided each walk I will try to collect a bit. I did a village clean up a couple of weeks ago with similar minded villagers.  My bag was half full when I came to the layby. Window frames, soil pipes and down pipes.

Our council now charges for DIY waste at Recycling centres and insists that fly tipping will not increase.  How stupid is that? This lot would have cost someone at least £12 at the recycling centre. I passed this layby yesterday just after noon so it had not been there long. Reported it by 3.30 and on village Facebook page to so if anyone saw the guilty person.  So annoying.


  1. Everytime they start to charge for something to do with rubbish they always say it won't make a difference to fly tipping but I bet it does.

  2. Harvey says that every time they raise the cost to take a load to the dump, there is more left along the road leading to the dump. Raising prices does make a big difference.

    God bless.

  3. Seems daft to raise prices at the tip, and then have to spend out money on clearing away the fly tipped stuff, which will obviously cost more than the revenue raised by the increased prices! Hope your knee is better soon.

  4. Happens here everywhere now that the founcil charges. Yesterday someone (a woks van judging by the contents eg estimates, Take away food containers) was dumped in our container recycling bin.Thank goodness DH went out with a milk carton or we would have been fined and the load refused when the refuse technician (Yes-that’s what they are called) checked the bin.,unfortunately we couldn’t find anything with a contact number on it to identify the culprit. Raging!! Dull here today but housework can be done.

  5. It's the same at our recycling center, they now charge you and you have to sort your rubbish, and here too we see more flytipping. I do hope your knee improves soon.


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