Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Trees and choosing a house

After many house moves (after all our own children call us "house gy*psies") we have developed a criteria of what is good and what is bad about potential homes. As far as trees go, we love them and welcome them. Except our one rule, after one bad experience, has been:

 NEVER buy a house with those b...y conifer hedges ever again!!

Today we have added a new rule:

           NEVER buy a house with those b......y ELDERBERRY bushes/trees ever again!!

Because every two years you have to do this:

And that was the small one, If I had turned round there is one twice as big overshadowing a shed and blocking light from a shrub bed.

The possibility of a south westerly wind on a dry-ish day  so we can have a bonfire in the next two months is probably remote so no hurry to clear this lot down to the bonfire.

I do love the elder-flowers in the spring but the things grow like crazy if you let them get away from you.


  1. I know what you mean about overgrown hedges in a yard. We had English ivy that grew 12 feet high and 8 feet wide and we had it removed by professionals as each year our patio and yard grew smaller. In place of the elderberries maybe you can plant a different berry for the birds.

    1. We had that along side that conifer hedge! Cut the main stem and then waited nearly a year for it to start to die back so we could get at the old garage underneath.

  2. I love trees as well, however when we bought this house we had way too many trees for the size of the lot and none could grow. Now we are down to two maples, a cedar, 2 cherry trees and a pear tree. They are all growing just beautifully.

    God bless.

    1. I am on a committee for a Millennium Wood planted in the village this year and the "blokes" just can't get it in their heads that half the trees now need felling as it was all planted far too close. I am just a woman, what do I know? I know that 3 oak trees planted in a 10 foot circle are going no where mate!!

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