Sunday, 8 December 2013

Spent day reviewing some possible retirement properties. Will 2 acres be too much?

Completed new knitting project.  Bootees!

Moved the baby-gro project on too!
Decided to go away for Christmas. Yippee no tree, no decorations, no shopping!  Have ten days to clear out the food stocks  so will be mix and match meals till we go to London.  I have been keeping a spreadsheet of all shopping since September - so it will get be a good point to review spending patterns and likely spending on food in retirement. At present I can't see the two of us spending less than £3000 per year on food including eating lunch out once or twice a month.  What I have established is that you can reduce supermarket shopping to 60% of shopping quite easily.  And cooking from starch can reduce your intake of processed food almost entirely - and in 6 months lost a stone each without trying too hard.

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