Sunday, 30 November 2014

Frugal with food and loosing weight

At that point 2 years ago (previous blog)  when we started seriously to plan retirement and looked at the food bills as part of that, I weighed nearly 14 stone and dress size 20 was looking attractive.  I was definitely in the red part of the chart on the nurses wall no matter how much I tried to ignore it during regular blood tests.
So when we were looking at budget we also talked about quality and not having processed food (it was the time of many revelations about food). I looked up portions and tried to follow the advice then and set targets like 4 oz meat per person per day and 100g of pasta or rice or potatoes for a meal. That worked well and within 6 months I was a definite 13 stones.  The combination of portion control and nothing processed was not too difficult.
When we retired and took on our acre in Norfolk there was a lot of outside work to do and over 3 months I went to 12 stone 6 lbs quickly, The difference not being bored in an office and eating biscuits makes!  Now I need to try something else to get nearer the recommended 11 stone (max) for my height.  Plus we need to economize for a while as the new wood burner fire is costing a bit more than we budgeted for!
I am not into detailed checking every five minutes so I have  set some new targets after checking several sites for current advice:
80g/3oz meat each for the main meal (limiting red meat which we do not like much)
75g/5oz pasta/rice/potatoes per day - must remember to count lunches!
30g of cheese
I am not going to weigh veg and fruit - we eat loads every day!

We are going to search out a good fishmonger this week. I miss my previous city center one and am never really satisfied with supermarket prepacked.

Wish me luck on these targets - I am hoping to hit 11 and a half by Easter,

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