Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Frugal with the heating

We have just had a wood fire fitted to the lounge of our new house in Norfolk in which we intend to stay retired.  We had to think hard about the expense but having once got cut off for weeks following a storm we wanted to be independent!

Public Health England 2014 -Minimum home temperature thresholds for health in winter says:

 The currently available evidence base, alongside expert discussion, suggests that heating homes to at least 18°C poses minimal risk to the health of a sedentary person, wearing suitable clothing. At below 18°C, negative health effects such as increases in blood pressure and the risk of blood clots which can lead to strokes and heart attacks.

OK - we have been trying that. The house is well insulated and maintained 16C all day with no heating at all this week.  The fire in the lounge gives us 18 to 19C from nightfall to bedtime using scrap wood.  The kitchen and bedrooms are 17C with no heating taking advantage of the lounge door being open.
No chance of being sedentary with having to feed the fire and find extra jumper and socks! Keeping fingers busy with knitting some new beanie hats for working outside!

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