Saturday, 6 December 2014

Suitable clothes for the cold?

Having decided to get used to the 18C minimum as an average for the heating I have decided to look again at the clothing situation! Found a whole pile of revolting sports socks I brought some years ago - ah well, at least they are warm.
When we planned for retirement we knew we would be downsizing and have less storage space.  Also I would no longer need the office clothes (hurrah). If you ever read Lee Child's Jack Reacher books you will know his theory of not having luggage - if he has clothes/stuff, he needs a bag, the bag and stuff need cupboards to be put in and washing machines etc, then he has the expenses of a house, etc..
For 2 years I deliberately wore out all the clothes of management and office work.  I no longer cared if at a conference I was wearing the same suit as last time.  At annual training things at least I had the last laugh of being able to say "won't be seeing you next time"!
I have worn a formal black skirt twice in the last 3 months!
I am not saying no clothes at all just not so many and planned for those I want for our new life of lots of gardening, walking, sailing and relaxing. Just having sufficient to wash and wear - with a few best outfits (it must be my 1950/60s up bringing - it was all we had then!)
But for the cold weather I am looking at layers of old t shirts and jumpers indoors with fleeces and thermals for wandering in and out to the veg plot.. I have found the GO Warehouse range is proving most useful at present. Next winter the few I have may need supplementing but I will have a better idea of what is useful and practical.
 I have treated myself to one thing this year  - a fleece lined shirt from Tesco's. OK it was in the men's range (nothing similar in the women's section anyway) and is a bit like a builders choice,  but it is frankly wonderfully warm and it will be perfect in our poly-tunnel planting out early crops once we have finished building it.
Over the winter/spring I will be looking to sew some loose cotton tops for next summer - having destroyed the last of the office long sleeve shirts painting fences this autumn.  I am sure making my own will be most cost effective - unless I swallow principals and shop in certain cheap discount shops who have unethical manufacturing ! I will try to avoid that.  Charity shops are an alternative but  cotton is rare find and anything else is not good for outdoor lifestyle.


  1. Just thought I would say hello, just found your blog via another blog, have added you to my bookmarks. This blogging is so addictive.

  2. Thanks. I am really pleased to hear from you and will keep an eye on your blog too. Some years ago I used to live in rural west Wales.

  3. I know you shouldn't wish your life away but I'm looking forward to retiring in 2016. 23 pay days to precise. Sounds like you've achieved your retirement wish and retired to the country,

    1. I counted everyone of those 23! I was well known for my countdown notes above my desk, and if at a meeting I got out of hand (usually I was leading the naughty section of staff) I was asked how many days left by the chair and I always had the answer/!



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