Friday, 9 January 2015

Beautiful day for gardening

Between bouts of decorating I nipped outside to enjoy the 12C sunny morning with a nice wind. I took the cultivator with me and ran it down the surface of the two fruit beds. These are not wide but are 30 ft long. The field was previously used to graze horses and last summer it was very compacted and hard.  I am trying to work up a nice tilth on the top soil, when it rains it tends to "pancake" plus it is so mild weeds had started to appear!

By 2 o'clock it was grey and a cold wind was getting stronger - back indoors to paint another wall and move some shelves in my sewing corner ready to paint.  I felt very smug when Radio 2's Terry Walton came on live in a rain soaked and hurricane winds in the Rhonda Valley where he was slurping around in liquid mud!


  1. The sunshine and wind was very welcome this morning. I did a large load of washing and it all dried. Fresh air smells better than any fabric softener. That cultivator will keep you fit. What are you going to grow there? Tx

  2. I love fresh air washing too. Fancy paying to dry things! One fruit bed is raspberries, the other a mix of blackcurrants, one tayberry, some rhubarb, a couple of blackberries, and some strawberries. We hope with our 12 fruit trees it will be a productive area one day. Also the cordons and trees break up the long flat acre plot.

  3. Tricia I bought a couple of industrial plastic barrels off ebay.they hold 100 litres and were£10 each half the price of a water butt. They're very common all over the UK so you have some local to you. My hubby is going to make them flow into each other so we only need a tap for the end one which you can by for £2.95. That way you can add as many as you want. There is a guy on you tube who has connected 12+ barrels at the back of his property. The fruit area sounds great. We go blackberry picking every year and i freeze loads to take us through the winter. The Home Office provides me with a uniform,coats,trousers,shirts,jumpers and steel toe capped boots! When i retire I'll probably keep the fleece,trousers and boots for the garden. I'll just unpick the badges and cut off the epaulettes.



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