Thursday, 8 January 2015

Stretching the food

Like everyone else I am stretching out the food in the house. Our meals this week have included:

  • Home made pizza - using up 4 cheeses 
  • Home made minestrone in the slow cooker (10 litre)  - using up veg
  • Home made lamb meatballs - 3oz lamb mince plus Bulgar wheat from the store cupboard to make it go round
  • Home made salmon  fishcakes - left over fillet of salmon and some boiled potatoes with plenty of coriander, dusted in some breadcrumb mix from the back of the cupboard.
  • Pasta and broccoli  using some left over soft cheese to make the " sauce"

And to my husband's delight a big bowl of homemade trifle for puds - Xmas sponge fingers and blancmange packet only needed another jelly and a pint of full cream milk.  It tastes better than semi skimmed we usually have.

I tried a mix of Greek Yogurt and Parmesan cheese on chicken breast baked (to use up the Yogurt from Xmas) but I was not impressed. I will check the receipt on the web site and try again before I recommend that!

Currently planning a fruit cake for my husbands birthday next week (just got to check I have everything I need in the cupboard - it will not have any brandy in it).

As he is suffering from a bad back and in a lot of pain he needs a treat!


  1. Its surprising how ingenious we can become when we are trying to use things up or make things go further. It makes you look at things in a different light. The cake sounds like a good tonic for a poorly back. Tx

  2. Messed up tonight - the stock I had saved was so salty it ruined the meal! Had to have a big slice of melon to counteract it. This was the last thing in the Xmas fruit bowl - good job I opened it as it was very ripe! Beer? Is there any beer left???



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