Thursday, 29 January 2015

Braising Steak

I cooked £3.85 worth of braising steak with some root vegetables in a (Bisto) gravy yesterday in the slow cooker in the morning. When it was cool I divided it into two.   One serving with dumplings (with a touch of sage added) yesterday and today I will add 4 oz of mushrooms and a pie crust. Both meals with fresh veg - probably no more than £5 spent on both meals.  £2.50 per meal for both of us.
Both meals were filling and warm - just what was needed on this rather windy and cold spell.


  1. I live braising steak with onions. As you say just what you need with this white stuff around.

  2. We have just had a flurry today - hope that is it!

  3. Lovely, I love meals in the slow cooker, I always get 2 meals out of it, and the best thing is it's in the pot and you don't have to think cooking later.


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