Friday, 30 January 2015

January budget

Updated our accounts software today and total spending on groceries (includes household goods like cleaning stuff) was £222.38.  Which is £7 per day for 2 of us as an average.

This was 2 deliveries from Sainsbury's, so no cost involved in going anywhere and £7 at the local shops which I cycle to.

I was then in the kitchen preparing the pie and did a mental add up of all the things I had brought in advance of real "need" and will last well into February - there was at least £35.00 of unopened goods around most of which would not get started till the middle of the month.  So really the actual cost is nearer £6 per day (for 2 of us having 3 meals a day and keeping the house clean etc).

Not too bad???  I will be glad when my veg garden is up and running because £40 of that was fresh fruit and veg!

Have not watched the new BBC programme about cutting food costs - I will be watching on Sunday for tips!  I will have to be nice to the husband as he has to put up with the Allotment challenge on Friday and Sewing Bee next week!!! My favourite programmes will confined indoors in the snow!

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  1. You may be disappointed with the program. There was really nothing on there that you probably don't already know and do. I personally thought their weekly spending on food was madness especially as they weren't exactly living on caviar and champagne!



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