Saturday, 31 January 2015

January reading

Like everyone I have a stack of library books to keep me happy indoors during the cold weather. I have "gobbled up" my Lee Child's Jack Reacher book and moved on to Mike Carter "One man and his Bike". A journey round the coast of UK exploring and observing modern life.  So far I am inspired to visit the coastal area of Essex!
I quite like these kinds of books and have read several over the years, I can't remember all their details but some of the ones I most liked were:

  • a journey across middle England on a milk float  (Three Men in a Float)
  • Harry Enfield's father's cycle ride across France - 
  • Journeys by canals - Narrow Dog To Carcassonne and Narrow dog to Indian River (we met the author and his wife at a folk/canal festival some years ago and they were lovely. The dog stayed home because it was raining and he did not like to get wet)
  • Nicolas Crane did a great book when he walked down the longitude line of 2 degrees west down the UK
  • Attention All Shipping: A Journey Round the Shipping Forecast areas
  • a journey down the River Trent by boat - Tom Fort - which has been made into a BBC4 programme (still on iplayer)
  • THE ICKNIELD WAY:a hike across southern England following one of the old track ways and ending in east anglia. Robert Macfarlane
Do any of you bloggers have any recommendations?


  1. Hi, really enjoying your blog. Have you read Dervla Murphy? her bike rides are legendary. I always order from our library if I cant find ones I want. At 70pence its a real bargain.
    If you do manage to find her books hope you enjoy them she really takes you into the heart of the countries she visits

  2. Love all things Irish so I will definitely look out for this. Thanks for reading my blogs - send me a link to yours? I am not very good on blogger and need navigation aides!

    1. Sorry I don't have a blog, I just really enjoy reading other peoples.


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