Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Year - back to reality

Time to return to our decorating - I wrote in December that we had put out  £100 for paint.This has gone up to £125 as we needed 2 more tins while they were on offer. and this must go as far as possible.  Lounge was given fresh emulsion on the walls  prior to Xmas and over the last 2 days I have done the bathroom.  Well 50% of it is fully tiled so it was not too big a job. I tried not to rub too hard on the paintwork because I scraped one bit and revealed that at one stage the door had been deep red, and that had been put over tangerine!  The 1960's had a lot to answer for!
Powering on, I started to prepare the spare bed room too. Took off the mid wall frieze and when I had a bit of pale emulsion to use up I whacked it across the brown emulsion on the lower half of the walls. the 1980's ideas of interior decoration was not a lot better than the 1960's was it?

Everything had to stop this afternoon as the hares had come in from the fields behind us and had been nipping off our hazel and blackberry plants where we are trying to establish a wood and orchard area. We trooped down the garden to reinforce tree guards etc.

Relaxing listening to a concert this evening from Portofino on the Italian coast by Andrea Bocelli - now that looks like a nice place!

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