Saturday, 7 February 2015

Inspired by Big Allotment Challenge to try a new plant

Having watched the final challenges of the 2015 series we were discussed the Cape Gooseberry crop late last night and decided we had never heard of it! Then this morning when sowing some more seeds we came across a packet of Inca Berries from James Wong's Home Revolution range in the box and realized these were the same thing!   Another treasure from the free giveaways from when I used to have a magazine subscription but no time to garden.

Apparently they are quite a hardy plant and the berries keep for 3 months in the fridge! They make nice jam and Mrs Beeton even had a recipe for them.

I am quite getting to like the Big Allotment Challenge and was quite sad to see in slated in this week's Saturday's Telegraph who compared it unfavorably to Bake Off. But then I never watched the first 3 series of Bake Off as I did not think it was very good at the time, and I am sure the production of the gardening programme will improve just like that did.


  1. Tricia, the supermarkets have them in little caged boxes and are more commonly known as physalis. My friend brought some seeds back from France and they grew into great fruit bearing plants in her garden in Essex. Tx

  2. Apparently they are very "chefie" and are brushed with glitter and served on posh puddings !



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