Sunday, 8 February 2015

Wonky waistline

I was frustrated by my current sewing project. I had changed my pattern to lengthen the sleeves and replace the gored panel skirt with a gathered skirt and was trying to introduce some colour by inserting a band of red at the bottom of the bodice. It didn't work and the waist line was wonky and wobbly (as Patrick and May on the Sewing Bee would say).
Ah well, back to the drawing board and take the whole waist out and start again.  Perhaps I will jsut buy a red belt.  Then, Ouch - burnt three finger tips on the iron straightening the fabric again.


  1. Oh no. It looks good from here. If at first you don't succeed try try try again.

  2. Well I have to say it looks good to me.

  3. Thanks - I just need to do the finishing touches and the hem!



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