Tuesday, 10 February 2015

What a difference in two days

Yesterday we had temperatures in double figures and sun and I got so much extra done (in addition to the normal cleaning and cooking meals). Painted two walls in the dining room (moving furniture included); cultivated the fruit beds to check the weeds; found some more scrap wood and moved it to the shed; took care of some seedlings; cycled to the post box admiring the flush of spring wheat, snowdrops, and not admiring the fly tipping. Supported son in his career crises.  Tried to work out who the baddy is in Broadchurch.

Today we had thick fog and frost and it was much more difficult to get going. Painted some of the artex ceiling, cut one box of firewood for the evening, baked a loaf and hemmed my new dress. Its cold again this evening and now I shall slump in front of the fire with my book - One man and his bike. Man rides round UK over 3 months - I am exhausted and he has not got up Porlock hill yet!


  1. I have twice the get up and go when it's sunny. It's so rewarding getting things done.

  2. Another grey day here and the" get up" is definitely gone! Roll on the summer! I should be grateful though as I am not having to go out early to work in it!


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