Saturday, 14 February 2015

Frugal jeans makeover

Is a makeover or a recycle?
For over 6 years I have had a pair of denim jeans promising myself I would loose the weight and wear them.  Having got down to a size 16 I was disappointed that they still did not fit round the waist. The legs parts were just right in length and width. I was left with two options - take them to a charity shop and pay for another pair or alter these somehow.  I research on U tube altering jeans and it seemed others had inserted a triangle into jeans to solve this problem. So I tried it.
It worked! A bit untidy but I have a wearable pair of jeans for digging the garden and other chores until its warm enough to wear shorts!  No money spent on clothes and another item taken out of the drawers.
Talking of keeping things for years before wearing. I finished the dress this week and realized the buttons were those I had on a red corduroy dress I made in 1975 and wore when pregnant with my first child, who will be 40 next year!


  1. Brilliant idea. Unfortunately I have lots of clothes (mainly trousers as my weight always goes on my bum first) I don't fit into but the better weather is coming so hopefully the 10lb I need to lose will go.

  2. Sowing some salad leaves today in the hope that soon it will be warm enough for continuous salads! I can shift 6 to 8 lbs by changing from stews but it never really goes from the waistline!

  3. Another great 'make do and mend', the environment will thank you for it! I also love that you are upcycling things from 40 years ago - Fantastic x

  4. Well done for sorting the jeans to make them wearable. Jeans last for ages but they keep changing the leg width, waist height etc in the hope we will throw them out and buy new. Good for you for hanging onto them. xx

  5. Thanks. I have lots of ideas for make overs these days and am quite regretting some of the stuff I have previously given away!



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