Wednesday, 18 March 2015

More spring garden preparations

Our greenhouse arrived on Tuesday am in a series of boxes with a large book of instructions.

Two days later after endless tea, a Victoria Sponge, a packet of hot cross buns, half a pack of choc bikkies and a curry to warm ourselves up (it is thick fog this week) we are half way through the book.
I thought this retirement and gardening lark was suppose to be fun???
These instructions are worse than Ikea and as long winded as Ofsted criteria??
What I would give for a nice warm office or classroom to hang out in.......


  1. oh the joys of instructions. I am lucky as dh is very thorough with instructions, I am the opposite. Fingers crossed it will be done by the weekend!!

  2. I'm so glad our greenhouse was built. How big is yours? Good Luck it will all be worth it. Why have you chosen a poly tunnel and greenhouse? I'm curious?

  3. It is 7.5 ft wide and 8 ft long with a double door. We debated for a long time about having a greenhouse as well and if we could afford it really. But gardening is one of our main hobbies and we like to grow from seed and propagate. Before the tunnel is even finished we realised the demands of what we want to grow meant there would be no room for seeds and cuttings. After a long discussion we decided to spend the money on ourselves and have the extra room to do a wider range of things. though by noon today we were not so sure it was a good idea!

    1. Well if you can't spend money on yourself who can you spend money on. I start everything off in the conservatory then harden them off in the greenhouse. My greenhouse is 8 x 10 which I'm hoping to clean out this week. I don't envy you putting the greenhouse together I think my hubby would have done some serious swearing. Tx



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