Monday, 16 March 2015

Easter Sewing project with scraps

Had to wait in for a parcel today so sat by front bedroom window and did a quick craft project using scraps of felt and some of the decorative  stitches on my new sewing machine.  I am getting the hang of the start/stop button and my foot is no longer looking for the pedal!
Very much gurellia crafting - get an idea and develop it as I go along!

As for the waiting - delivery man left the parcel out the back without knocking just before 5pm!!

Its very dry here but so dull it feels cold and miserable - suppose to be better latter in the week when I have loads of gardening planned.


  1. Very good, I must play around with my machine more.

  2. You really are getting to grips with your machine. It looks great.

  3. Was just going to have a go at mini chicks when the new greenhouse arrived - no crafting for rest of week as have been given the job of threading the plastic beading into all the glass frames!


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