Sunday, 29 March 2015

Textile Arts

Had an inspiring time at the London Sewing Show where I attended a couple of good workshops. Wendy Dolan showed a lovely technique for textile arts.  I am trying it out and will post the results of my experiments later on.  Her method involves stitching a basic background in white textiles of different sorts before painting with fabric paint and over stitching with freehand machine embroidery.  Not a technique for anyone with a unruly hoarding habit as it encourages keeping lots of scraps of cloth and using bits and pieces!

Have a look at her work

The contemporary quilting was also fantastic!

Weather has been awful today, 40 mph winds and a very sharp shower.  All the seedlings had to stay sheltered in the conservatory today.
Put off the experimental hot cross buns today - going to be plenty of indoor days this week as the forecast is awful.


  1. I'm keeping an eye on thee forecast too. I've taken leave Saturday and Sunday but I'll have to work Friday and Monday 6-2. Planning jobs indoors and outside weather permitting.

  2. Not cold but the wind here has been awful.



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