Friday, 27 March 2015

Greenhouse and day out

Got the greenhouse half glazed today. After phoning the manufacturer and the garden centre expert and engineer son, luckily was at a job interview and not teaching today.  The instructions said use the wire clips but there were only 6.  OH NO, manufacturer said, we have supplied a different sort cause we think they are better, but no we have not changed the instruction book!!!!  Re did the first few panes again....... and once we got going two sides were completed in a two hours.

I am running away from home.

Off to London to the Sewing and Stitching show at Excel.

Husband is going to watch build up to F1 Grand Prix and Motorcyling Grand Prix all day.


  1. Hi Tricia, thanks for popping over to my blog! Have a lovely day in London tomorrow. Lx

  2. You picked a good day to get out of the miserable weather. The show sounds great. Have a wonderful time and tell us all about it.

  3. you deserve a day away hope you have a great time......

  4. Lovely to see another Norfolk blogger, have you lived here long? Hope you enjoyed your 'away day'. Can't stand crowds myself, so much as I would love to go to events like that, I no longer can. Have you come back inspired?

    1. I have only been here since August last year. Took early retirement - well a few months off before state pension kicked in! I felt a little sick when the train filled up and on the underground but as long as I could find a quiet spot outside for a while it did not feel too much. Extremely inspired by the textile arts and contemporary quilting.


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