Wednesday, 22 April 2015

110th foot of hedging completed

Having turned down several properties last year with existing hedges, trees and fences I finally had to ask my husband why we are planting yet more hedging in our new property?
We live about 8 miles inland from the Wash so winds are quite strong and the plan (apparently) is to have  permeable hedges to break up the wind effect on the veg garden and shelter the poly tunnel. The other angles are broken up by the row of houses and some large conifers which are, luckily, far enough way not to cast their shadows on our land!
Along the long fence line we have gone for 45 ft  plus of privet and 30 ft of Escollonia  at least this will hide the rubbish post and rail fence we inherited.  Across the bottom of the field is the natural species hedge I have written about before - hazel, alder, dog rose, etc.

We love the big open skies of north norfolk but it can be windy.  Look what happened to our scarecrow after the storms just before Easter.
He has had to come down to the house to be dried and rebuilt!

Now we have a hose to get to the veg plot the early seedlings are doing much better - it is so dry on the top of our soil now that we are looking forward to the rain forecast for the end of the week!


  1. The joys of East Anglia - East winds and dry weather!

  2. I'm hoping for rain, we have just installed a water butt.

  3. Like you I'm looking forward to rain. We have to get a wriggle on mending the shed roof as once again the blessed felt is off.

  4. Your garden is much larger than mine, but mine is just as windy! My pet hate! L x

  5. Its 8pm on Saturday and very grey - but no rain!


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