Thursday, 23 April 2015

Spring allergy?

It is a long time since I was 16 when I suffered hugely from hay fever from April to June but it seems to have come back!  It may be because we have retired to a more rural area ( I was brought up in a rural area of Hampshire) where there is more to react too.   It is also dry and dusty here at present.  My husband thinks it is the birch tree outside that is causing it, and the internet does say that causes 25% of allergies at this time of year.  Not helped I suspect by the farmers spraying the cereal crops or the early bloom of oil seed rape round here!

I tried an allergy pill from the medicine stash last Friday and felt totally spaced out. So decided to tough it our and put up with the sneezing and nose blowing and tried all the physical stuff recommended. Wash face with hot fresh flannel on coming indoors, change clothes at the end of working day,  wash hair before going to bed, etc.  Then today when shopping and feeling very bunged up I saw a bottle of Olbus oil for £1 and decided to go for a nasal decongestant.  Wow.  two drops in hot water and a deep sniff soon put pay to the stuffed up feeling!  The old ways are the best ways!

It also says you can use it as a muscle rub - will it do my aching hip joint on the left any good??

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