Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Warm but windy

Having got everything ready to put the poly tunnel plastic on the wind just won't die down enough!
We have waited patiently for 2 days occupying ourselves with making 4 large hanging baskets to sit in the greenhouse until they fill out.
Everything in there is doing well and lots of hardy things have been staying outside as well. We are ready to move everything back in at first sign of frost.
The daffodils and tulips we brought in February for a £1 a pack are flowering well.
The recent excessive winds have made us a bit concerned about growing veg in the open field. We spoke to the market gardener next door who suggested a privet hedge down one side to break up the winds from the north. We got 30 hedging plants locally and planted those today while waiting for the wind to die down! Another 40 on order.  We also indulged in another tree and planted that today to help shelter the poly tunnel. We feel we have done a lot of tree and hedge planting since moving here!

I still have my wild flower free seeds from the Kew Gardens Grow Wild campaign to put in but meanwhile a host of cowslips have appeared in the field.  There had been no trace of them when we moved in last August as the grass was then 3 or 4 feet high so it was a nice surprise.
Like everyone else I spent quite a lot of time watering my seeds in the veg bed by hand today. My husband is going to make a new hose connection from behind the shed and run it down to the tunnel and the veg garden to help with watering in the future.  If it continues windy perhaps he will get it done tomorrow.  If it is windy I am going to the library for a rest.

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  1. Mother Nature is just reminding everyone who is the boss!!



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