Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Day out

Been feeling really tired lately so we decided the only way to truly relax was to actually go out! As we have only been here since July we have lots of new places to explore. This week it was my husband's choice to explore the Denver Sluice complex.
This is where several waterways are controlled by sluice gates which protect Ely and Cambridge.
Some boating takes place from here down to Ely.

We had a chat with a nice retired couple putting their Mirror dingy into the rowing/sailing club park.  It was too windy but they were looking forward to a summer of messing about in boats. We are still debating what kind of boat we want and where to keep it and the information they shared was very helpful.
Nice lunch in the waterside pub (Jenyms Inn). Camembert with warm cranberry for me, and whiting for my husband.
We came home via two garden centres where we were looking for a Sorbus tree and a lilac bush. And we still forgot to get the new ball of garden string!

Has anyone noticed how lovely the verges are at the moment?  So lovely with the cow parsley in bloom.


  1. glad you took a day off to enjoy the sites.

  2. Its good to get away from it all and take a break. You've both been working very hard on the garden and house. We are still looking for a RIB it has to be 5.5 metres so it can be kept on the front garden.


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