Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Renovating a wooden chair

Inspired by fellow Blogger over on Textile Treasury who had  painted up some of her wooden stools, I set to work on a paint splatted wooden chair that lives in the conservatory and is used as a spare for large family gatherings.
All the round legs and spindle back were a pain but I persevered with light coats from every angle till all the brown varnish disappeared.  I was given the blue/grey paint by my son (did not suit the colour scheme at their house). It is Wickes wood/metal paint that has a "modern matte" finish - "chalk" paint and as it is water based quite pleasant to use..

I am now designing a cushion to fit the seat using a pattern from my May edition of Sew magazine.  You put it on tracing paper and then machine through.  Interesting technique - good job there was an interesting programme (Secret Castles)  on when I went to pull all the bits of tissue out of the stitches as it took some time!

I am trying to get a white pattern on strong blue fabric and will carry on embellishing the lines to make it stand out. Then I will make a backing and ties to keep it in place on the seat.

Won't be so many arguments about who gets the spare dining room chair next family meal - they will all want the pretty one!


  1. You clever thing. The chair looks great. I did a coffee table shabby chic style last year and it's in my porch. Can't wait to see the finished cushion.

  2. I love that colour, looking forward to seeing it all finished x

  3. I agree looking forward to seeing it finished as well.

  4. Its slow work - I have been up and down the stems with different stitches to try to make them stand out.



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