Thursday, 14 May 2015

Lovely gifts

I am not sure which I am most happy with!
Neighbour gave me free reign of his rhubarb in exchange for a courgette plant!
They were great big stems and I only took half a dozen.I was waiting for a delivery so spent half an hour today lightly stewing this,
Popped three containers  into the freezer as the big dish at the back will last a couple of days. It was not stringy at all, considering how big the plants are!

My other gift was my prize from the readers letters page on Sew magazine. Some lovely squares of craft/quilting material.


  1. I've been putting feelers out for an exchange, I have tomato and capsicum pants to give away for a courgette or two. No takers yet but I know a couple of gardeners on other teams that I will contact when I'm back to work tomorrow. In the mean time I'll keep sowing more courgette seeds!!! WELL DONE on the exchange and the beautiful material.

  2. I love to swap plants, it's a great way to increase your stock and get different types of plants. We love rhubarb, but have no room in our tiny garden to grow any.

  3. I love rhubarb. I seem to have a taste for it now that I didnt have as a child. I never thought to freeze it for pie filling like that. Great idea


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