Friday, 29 May 2015


I have finished painting an old chair last week and made a thin cushion to sit on it.  I wanted something dark to contrast and choose some old blue plush nylon curtain material.  I machine embroidered the pattern on using cream thread and a design from last month's Sew magazine.
I then used the pattern to decorate a large old metal jug I found abandoned in the stables when we moved in.
My grand daughters brought me a present recently of some clay pots on a tray for herbs - which I can really use as I have some ready to come in and sit on the kitchen window. Their Mum is an excellent car-booter and this present had obviously been picked up in one of their outings. It was unopened but the set of paints had gone off.  I used the same blue "chalk" paint on these and added some of the same design used on the cushion.
All of my upcycling is coming together and I should have a pretty conservatory area soon.  I just need to get some new lino - nothing I do is getting the floor clean looking.


  1. That is all really lovely, how clever to use the design from the jug. Really lovely stuff

  2. Lovely clever work, they are all great.

  3. Thanks, It has taken retirement to give me the time to do stuff like this!

  4. I'm hoping retirement allows me that luxury too!! Great work. Love the theme.



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