Thursday, 25 June 2015

Boating and flowers

We collected our Drascombe Lugger boat this week and towed it to the Broads. Be scary as we have not done this for about 20 years and we were on unknown roads. It was hot but we arrived safely and launched the boat.  Our first voyage was just across the river and into the marina where we have arranged a berth for this summer.I managed to video a bit of the "passage" but things got a bit tricky so the camera had to be abandoned while I fended off another boat and held on to piling while my husband fought with the outboard.  Lesson learnt,  run the engine and do your own checks, don't believe the salesman!

We arrived home really late and I was glad I had prepared a shepherds pie the day before to have with the broccoli I had picked.  After the indulgence of buying the boat we will have to economize in other aspects of our life.

Today my husband found some flowers to cut and we ended up with 3 vases (plus a little posy for next door to cheer her recovery from latest cancer treatment).   He loves to grow these but could not decided which were his favourite - stocks, pinks, sweet peas or alstromeria,   My favourites this week were all the wonderful bright poppies swathing the cornfields as we crossed Norfolk and Suffolk yesterday (no time to stop and take photos when you have 20ft trailer on back!).  My husband calls them weeds and tries to kill them off in the garden!  I am not much of a flower arranger as you can see!

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  1. They look lovely. We've been galavanting around Suffolk and Norfolk this weekend. It was lovely.



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