Monday, 22 June 2015

More veg pickings

Vegetable pickings are increasing daily. Beside the lettuce, cue, odd courgette, bowl of strawberries I moved into substantial goods as today I found got a kilogram of beetroot and a nice head of green broccoli today.

We brought the broccoli as plants locally - 12 for £2. The first head is valued at £1.40 according to our supermarket web site and I can see at least 6 others coming along!  A good saving (£2/£3) on our fortnightly shop as I usually order 2 kg of broccoli each time.
 I think I have only ever brought beetroot (fresh, jar or cooked)  a couple of dozen times in my 45 year life as a housewife - happy to eat it when it is there but not something I would go out of my way to have specially. This bunch is priced as £3.50 (per kilogram). I will not put this in my "budget savings"  pot but call it a treat that cost nothing!

Our friendly local electrician came by late this afternoon and replaced the shower switch for £40. Only half my worst fears. Relief all round as hot shower needed after a day dodging showers while filling in the base for the oil tank with broken up concrete and re routing an electric wire away from that area.  I felt my back seize up a bit just before lunch so I went in to cook a quiche for lunch using up odds and ends and topping with a few thin bits of asparagus that came up suddenly after some rain freshened the roots. 

Started a new sewing project planning - its the British F1 soon so I shall need a distraction while the husband occupies the settee for hours!


  1. My strawberries are coming thick and fast. The corn is developing ears and I've had another lot of French beans this morning.

  2. Our calabrese is the size of a very small ping pong ball! we could do with some really good rain and a bit of warmth, missing both today


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