Sunday, 21 June 2015

Summer flowers

First few sweet peas made it into the house today.
And some snap dragons are starting to flower but what I have most admired this summer is the amount of ox-eye daisies on the road system! As we crossed several counties on our way to our grand daughter's party we saw this as a testament to the changes in how our verges are left to grow wild.
In our family these are called "moon daisies" after a scene in Oliver Postgate's delightful cartoon Noggin the Nog many years ago!

Our week has been very tiring physically as we have taken down an old shed made of tar paper and ex military packing crates (interesting stamped labels still visible), broken up the concrete laid in the 1950s (badly) and dug out a base for the new foundation for an oil tank for our central heating. Meanwhile, we have no running hot water system and have to rely on an electric shower with a dodgy switch!  

The whole replacement tank and boiler is costing a horrifying amount of our pension - the only consolation is soon we may be below the income and be able to claim poverty to the state benefit system!  

For a father's day treat I let the old chap collapse in front of Grand Prix/F1 and baked him a cake for fathers day to go with the toffees and best wishes from the children.


  1. Hubby's just caught up on the F1 as we've ha the family around all day! My sweet peas never germinated but they were very old seeds.

    1. Took 2 packets and some of last years saved seed to get a decent number of plants. Had an even bigger problem with larkspur and wall flowers not germinating.


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