Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Mid veg season

Strange couple of days started this week. It has been raining and been quite dull at one point I began to think summer was over especially when my husband started to dig over one end of the veg bed.
This was where the broad beans, garlic and onions have been since the autumn.  At least the beetroot are now seeing some more light! We need to think of a quick crop to use this area - it should be the area for potatoes next spring if we rotate the crops as recommended.
Further down the veg plot it was more summery with the runner beans filling out and the sweetcorn coming on.
We could not keep up with the lettuce and it has all bolted, just when there are 4 large cucumbers in the fridge!  In the poly tunnel the two beds are doing well.

We have to dig the right hand side at some point soon to develop that for the winter. The nearest plants are Inca Gold/Chinese Gooseberries and they are coming on well with plenty of fruit lanterns.

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  1. I am so jealous of people who have Polly tunnels. I want one. My greenhouse isn't big enough.


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