Thursday, 16 July 2015

Sun hat

My hairdresser was concerned that the top of my grey hair was damaged by the sun. I am not a great hat wearer but even I have found recent sunny days a bit much.  I had a couple of sun hats at one time, picked up at the last minute at airports for foreign holidays, but I can not think where they might be at present (or if I donated them to charity when we moved). So I used my husbands canvas sun hat as a pattern and using the overlock stitch on my new sewing machine to make a quick hat for gardening.  I had made some "bucket" hats for my grandchildren using a similar pattern but they were fully lined.
I doubled up the brim with a plain yellow cotton lining but left the crown as a single layer.

This is one of the grand children's hats. I saw one like it priced at £10 in the posh childrens shop the other day!


  1. I've kept favourite things and dismantled them as patterns. Great job with the hat

  2. Clever stuff - I wouldn't even know where to start

    1. Its the new machine that is clever - it stitches beautifully and I wish I had gone mad and brought one years ago!



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