Thursday, 24 September 2015

Back in the garden

The bed rest worked and I am back on my feet but taking it slowly as it gets sore if I do too much. Thanks to people for their good wishes.  Not sure if it was the break from housework but we have definitely saved on the electric!  My husband has found some new buttons on the SMART meter and set the budget for a month which has dropped from 8% over budget to 7%.. We have 5 days left to see if we can keep to the £30 for the month.

  As part of my sitting around "resting " I have been watching BBC 1's "money for nothing" programme where found objects are transformed by artisans designers.  Some things are great, others I think are a waste of time! Certainly got some ideas for future projects

Weather has been fantastic in the afternoons and the light in the trees has an extraordinary clarity. Runner beans and sweetcorn are nearly finished so it was a nice change to harvest some leeks and cabbage!


  1. I'm pleased your'e feeling better. I had back problem 10 years ago and it was debilitating. All cured now (touch wood). I've got some leeks in but I want them much fatter before I pick them. Are you all electric? My combined gas and electric bill throughout the summer are about £29-33 which we need to reduce further. The electric was less on the old meter!!!!!

    1. We have a small wood burner in the lounge which we feed scrap wood too at this time of year and logs later on - cost about £200 over the winter last year. Otherwise we have an oil central heating but its new so costs not known yet. Top of stove is an LPG and costs £90 a year. Oven and rest of house is electric at £30 a month. We once lived in a rural area and got cut off twice by storms for weeks, so the fire and cooking on LPG gas was important for us to be sure we are warm and safe!



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