Sunday, 20 September 2015

Blogging from bed

For the first time in years I am wasting a lovely day - I am staying in bed with my bad back!  In 4 weeks I have had three bouts of back pain lasting 3 or 4 days each time and  yesterday I could scarcely walk. I feel decedent and guilty as my husband is outside digging a new bed for a row of gooseberry bushes. This may be the only cure - complete rest and then some very gentle walking to the veg garden to direct husband to dig up some carrots and leeks. So far requests to help with cooking have been a bit fraught as last night he had to strain sweetcorn, runner beans and rescue the chips and find the left over main dish in the microwave all at the same moment when I finally collapsed and it got a bit much for him to cope with!

On the good side I am neither cooking, vacuuming or washing today and the SMART meter has reduced our electricity overspend for the month to 9%.  If I stay in bed for a bit longer we may be on target for the £30 a month bill.

It is a quite Sunday otherwise, just the potato harvest lorries thundering by as the crop is lifted a few fields away.

Back soon when up and around again.


  1. I hope bed-rest works quickly. Can you get referred to a physio by your doctor?

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon, glad to see you recognise the silver linings.

  3. I hope your back gets better soon. My hubby has been plagued with problems this week.

  4. Recovered at last, but only just as it starts up again if I do too much.



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