Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Good exchange for vegetables

Visited son and family at the weekend and took them a car boot full of vegetables! I know they have a wide circle of family and friends locally so they could share the bucket of beetroot and box of runner beans. Four e-supermarket mushroom cartons of tomatoes (about 2 kg each) were raided by my eldest grand daughter who spent the afternoon popping in small sweet baby toms while the younger one sliced cucumber to nibble. No wonder they are growing so tall!  Daughter in law's mother phone mid afternoon and reserved the some tomatoes and the red chill's promising to turn the hispi cabbage into a curry for them all the next day.

Son texted later to check we had got home safely and he had spent the evening making a big saucepan full of leek and potato soup using the 3 leeks and giant onion I had given them.  I am so glad I encouraged all 3 boys to cook - they all pull their weight in cooking for their growing families.

In  exchange my daughter in law had saved a stash of fabric from bin bags being jettisoned by a friend.
I washed them all and got them on the line just as the neighbour lit a bonfire. Rather cross as it took longer to dry them indoors and get them folded and ready to go in the sewing cupboard. 
So excited by the sewing projects I can achieve over the winter!


  1. Isn't it a great feeling when you can barter and both of you get a good deal fro m the said exchange. I taught my daughters to cook but their hubbies do their fair share too

    1. I am going to teach the gran daughters to sew and give them my old machine.

  2. That is a very good exchange. My son cooks too. He makes some fabulous sauces from scratch

    1. My eldest is the cake maker of the family.


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