Thursday, 17 September 2015

Bonfires and spinach

We have waited about 8 weeks to have a bonfire. First there was the cereal crop at the end of the field which was finally harvested last week, then we had to wait for the wind to be blowing away from the houses and for the stuff to dry out.  We got all the gear out and in the wheel barrow - fork, rake, matches, fire lighters, bits of dry wood and a chair ( well its a long way down the field and it was going to take all morning!). My husband was adamant that we had to take the pile apart first as he had recently filmed a hedgehog near by. As it was 6 ft by 6 ft pile, 8 ft high that was a hard task spreading it out and shaking the branches loose.

Found nothing and got a good fire going and piled it all steadily back on till 70% was gone. THEN a stupid, smoking slightly, mouse popped our and made a run for it!  Husband found it in some long grass and it seemed all right if terrified. Honestly its not as if we had not given it fair warning!

Took advantage of some cooler mornings to work in the poly tunnel and tidy up some of luxuriant growth,  Pulled up some more of the floor covering and created another 8 ft by 3 ft bed and put in some spinach plants. These should give us some fresh greens up to Xmas. Especially, as I am not a great fan of the Brussel sprout and only 2 plants survived the pigeon attacks.!


  1. I engaged in a major arson attack yesterday, nobody had washing out and it had rained heavily the day before, it went really well with the secret ingredient , half a ton of conifer .

    1. Best thing you can do with conifers in my opinion. We had some too and they went up like a rocket!


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