Monday, 14 September 2015

New things to harvest coming

As the season progresses we are looking at some new things in the veg garden. The butternut squash are coming along and I will try one soon.  The chilis are going red and the green peppers are starting to colour in the poly tunnel where we are keeping the doors closed to keep up the temperatures. This will help the tomatoes too.

 I am planning some chili jam and have checked the cupboards for the ingredients - just need to add red wine vinegar to the shopping list this week.

Our other crop ripening is the Inca Berries
Not found many recipes for these besides making jam with some pineapple juice. Apparently dried they are a super fruit good to add to breakfast dishes.  I think I will try them as a fruit compote with yogurt.
My strawberries outside have had a few odd flowers in the last week but I doubt they will come to much as there is a gale coming with lots of rain.  It is dark and stormy looking.

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  1. Are we meant to be having the tale end if another hurricane? The days seem to be shortening rapidly now. I'm getting a couple of strawberries every 4-5 days.


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