Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Good reads from the library

As I have been resting a lot over the last week with the bad back I have got through the latest library books in record time.

"Deep shelter" by  Oliver Harris was a very interesting concept as it was set in the left over cold war deep shelters underneath London. My husband started to read it and researched the settings on Google earth and you can see the entrance  and ventilation buildings mentioned in the book! You can see one here -

I suspect we will be looking out for these strange buildings when we next visit London.

After all the Scandinavian thrillers (and TV shows) my other book went further north into Lapland and was a crime novel involving the Reindeer Police. No? Yes, really! The chapter headings traced the daily increase in day length from 40 mins to 4 hours. As the days are growing shorter at the moment it was a strange time to read it. "Fourty days without Shadows".Oliver Trac.

Both these were new writers and were refreshing reads.  I slumped back in bed with 2 other books from a favourite series. CJ Box's Joe Picket novels are about a game warden set in Wyoming. They are very descriptive and also have a lot of social comment about deepest America and the effects of the economic downturn on working people, But as usual with America series some of the plots are a bit far fetched.

Have to go to the dentists on Friday for an emergency filling so will be able to get some more books then for the weekend!


  1. I need a filing but can't get in go another week. There is a lot of strange buildings around. When the train slowed down to pull in to Liverpool street station I noticed what looked like grave stones in the sidings. They wee large and very ornate. I've been to London hundreds of times but never noticed them before.

    1. I have never been to Liverpool St but I see on Wkipedia there is a lot of history attached to the station, would be a good place to wander round if you ever had time.



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