Wednesday, 11 November 2015

End of potato shortage

Having run out of potatoes on Friday and not particularly bothered about going out shopping specially, we ate rice and pasta from the store cupboard until today.  While we were in the local butchers/veg shop I offered to buy pies for lunch as a treat but my husband refused as they were expensive - so we took the sack of potatoes home and extracted two lovely big ones as baked potatoes for lunch.  Nice to see my frugal attitude is rubbing off.

On the subject of what you can do without, we also ran out of Shreddies, again no special shopping trip was made and we had porridge.  I was thinking about this in terms of what we have seen of peoples' shopping on Waste and Shopping saving programmes (and my observations in supermarkets) that currently people expect to have loads of choice but a constant supply of everything in the house. The word “treat” has been devalued by this.  Sometimes when we run out of things I have been known to remark “We won’t starve and die without it” and when we do have something different or special it is just what the dictionary says an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.

The last two days have been dry if windy. And the garden is still surprisingly quite dry allowing some weeding to be done and grass to be cut yet again.  While we were out today I noticed how wonderfully green and lush the fields are where spring wheat was sown only a few weeks ago.  We also noticed some freshly blooming poppies in a verge!

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  1. The season has gone to pot with all this mild weather.



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