Monday, 9 November 2015

Wonderful sunrise

Woke early to a turquoise and pink sunrise.

Followed by high winds! At least the washing dried by 2 o'clock.

Spent the day inside mostly trying to progress the emulsion of the main bedroom. I do wish people would not use the modern strong pigmented emulsion on 1930s plaster!  Its a b......r for covering up with a couple of washes of white paint ready for a lighter colour.  Mind you, the amount of cracks and poor previous repairs when new windows were put in has resulted in more poly-filler than wall in some places.  At least the paper came off with a mere breath and under that bit it was white. Thank goodness.

Raided freezer for some lamb patties and mixed veg to have with rice today as I did not want to spend time outside. I picked loads of Inca berries yesterday when the rain cleared for a bit and have found that these make a rather nice fruit layer under a simple sponge served with custurd. We have so much fruit ripening on the Inca berry bushes outside and in the poly tunnel that we have not had to buy any fruit to make puds for weeks. When I am not baking they are nice chopped and warmed when you are making semolina or mixed with Banana Angels Delight!

Hope weather improves to give us some dry days as the conservatory is leaking a needs a quick repair.


  1. Where did you get your Inca bushes from? I think its something I would like to grow. Good luck with the decorating. Is your back better?

    1. Back comes and goes and something like poly filling at eye level is about the right height. Got the Inca berry seeds from a give away in a magazine some time back and they were a James Wong collection. They die in the frost and then re sprout apparently. They seed themselves from dropped fruit so trying to be careful.


Afternoon off

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