Saturday, 14 November 2015

Things changing in our kitchen and a rant warning.

We have had some bright but windy weather, just look at the lovely colour in our birch tree against the blue sky.
Then, like everyone else wet weather blows in and I retreat to kitchen and sewing and more decorating!
In the kitchen the chills I threaded up are drying nicely and make a bright splash against the pale paint.
I can't quite bring myself to join the current "I quit sugar" campaign. Tried in the past but its not gone well, but after a discussion we agreed to try another round of cutting down. Cut back a bit on sugar in the custard and sponges for example. And for tea and coffee we have replace a teaspoon in the sugar jar with a half teaspoon measure from the cooking implements drawer.
Seems to be working this time and there has been no cheating with an extra swipe of the spoon!

Well I did warn you, now for the RANT, Why do institutions you buy services from treat you like idiots, cheats or criminals when you have the gall to ask for the service you paid for to be correctly delivered or billed???  Our phone line crackled and the internet kept going on and off (hence lack of blogs lately) but the man on the phone said his network checks said there was nothing wrong with our line. Somewhat testily my husband suggested as it happened when it rained or was windy and those conditions did not happen inside our house they had better send an engineer. That request was followed by emails and 3 texts saying if it was our equipment that was wrong we would have to pay £120 for the engineer and they were sure we were wrong. Immediately we felt at fault and double, tripled checked everything on all the computers in the house and borrowing a phone and plugging that in. Still crackled.

Said engineer spent 3 hours up a wobbly telephone pole down the road in the teeth of a force 6 gale trying to find a fault his equipment said was 7 metres from the house.  Then we get a text saying everything was fixed but we would have to wait 3 days for phone and broadband to get back up to speed. No apology for making us feel at fault and not being believed or the inconvenience of receiving for a bad product for good money paid in advance each month.

And don't get me started on billing departments!


  1. As the customer, once they have your money everything is on their terms. I pay Utility bills for thousands of properties, and each day we are calling to try and correct incorrect bills. They never believe you and always ask questions to try and catch us out. Having said that I hate automatic phone answering systems, it's hell trying to get to speak to some one, and they should have a press number 5 if we have made a mistake on your bill.

  2. Little changes add up. I couldn't give up sugar I know I'm addicted but I limit myself to one small chocolate biscuit a day. (penguin, breakaway bar). I don't take sugar in coffee/tea and don't add sugar to cereal. All the soft drinks in this house are diet or low sugar.



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