Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Not too much damage from storm Barney

It was fierce here overnight but no real damage.  Two fence posts which were rotten at the base fell over and we spent morning replacing these with posts we had already and some scrap wood. Just need a couple of new lengths of fence rail.

Thank goodness we invested in the post basher. It makes light work of the post repairs especially if the ground is soft.

The inca berries in the veg garden took a bashing. Picked up enough ripe ones for a basin full. We have just tried Inca berry crumble - not bad!

Take care.


  1. Essex wasn't too bad . We had bouts of rain and wind.

  2. You have a fair bit of land to keep a weather-eye on, Trish! Our little garden still gets battered however (we lost a light-weight greenhouse over the fence a few years ago!!!) And surrounded as we are by trees we get a few branches and lots of trigs and a MOUNTAIN of leaves! Thanks for your comment on my blog - and I've followed you.

    1. We have lived through hurricanes surrounded by oak trees and lost a shed once. We should be used to it now. Thanks for following me.



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